Sponsors Appreciation

Our FCCLA chapter has completed many projects over the years, all with the goal of bettering our student body as well as community. While these projects have had amazing outcomes, we cannot take all the credit as we have had some very major contrtibutions that have helped us accomplish our goals.

The Spur ISD School Board

The Spur ISD school board is our chapter's main sponsor. Their contributions to our chapter mean the world to us. Because of them, we have had the opportunity to go on trips, compete at all levels of conferences, and take part in projects that we could not have funded by ourselves. They have been very grascious over the years, and for that, we are extremely grateful for them.

The Spur ISD Website

Dickens County Spur Public Library

The Spur Library allowed us to partner with them on some of our projects like the family literacy night. By partnering with them, we were allowed to use the library in order to promote the importance of reading as well as FCCLA. We could not have accomplished our goals without them, so thank you!

The Spur Library Website

The Spur ISD FFA

The Spur FFA has helped build materials for our chapter projects as well as for STAR events. Along with this, we have partenered with them on a few events goingon within the school. We would not have been able to compete without their help so thank you!

The Spur ISD Website

Lawrence Brothers

Our local grocery store Lawrence Brothers has helped our FCCLA chapter tremendouslsy. They have allowed us to use their parking lot for fundraisers on numerous occasions. Along with this, their store is where we get most of our supplies for projects. Without them, we would not have been able to complete some of our projects or raise money for our chapter so thank you!

The Lawrence Brothers Website