Why Join FCCLA?

Choosing to become a member of FCCLA is one of the greatest choices a student could make as they could reap much benefit from joining. The rewarding feeling of bettering oneself as well as their student body, community, and even home life is ever present when apart of FCCLA. Along with this, students also get the chance to connect with other members all around their state as well nation, forging life long frienships and bonds with these students. Also, FCCLA exposes kids to real life situations and gives them valuable experience that can be taken into the real world. FCCLA is, in fact, just as it states- the ultmiate leadership expericence.

Who is Able to Join?

Students within High School as well as Junior High have the opportunity to be apart of FCCLA as long as they have taken or are apart of a Family and Consumer Sciences class (FCS).

Membership Recruitment

The national membership recruitment week for FCCLA is September 10 through September 14. During this week, local chapters will host their own events within their schools in order to gain new members as well as let previous members join again.

The Spur FCCLA chapter holds a little party sometime during this week as well as puts out advertisements that all promote FCCLA as well inspire students to join. During this time, students can attend the party and learn more about FCCLA and even sign up to join if they so wish. Then, throughout the year, our chapter holds meetings reguarly to plan events and projects, all with the goal of helping others as well as promoting FCCLA to everyone.

Our Chapter acknowledges new members by giving them treat bags for making a sweet decison. Along with this, our chapter's senior members will take new members under their wings and mentor them throughout the year.

Spur FCCLA Membership Rates

Membership 2015-2016: 27 members

Membership 2016-2017: 30 members

Membership 2017-2018: 18

Membership 2018-2019: 21

How Much does it Cost to Become a Member?

It only costs $16 to become a member of FCCLA with the break down of costs being $9 for national dues and $7 for state dues.

A small price to pay for the chance of a lifetime to be apart of an organization such as FCCLA.

Deadlines for Membership

Advisors much submit chapter members in the system by NOVEMBER 1 in order to be eligable to compete in STARR events.

Payments must be posted by NOVEMBER 15

All payments should be made to:

Mrs. Hindman