Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is a nonprofit, student led organization all with the goal of bettering ones self, family, community, and student body. By being in FCCLA, students are able to gain many valuable skills like preperation for the real world, leadership, and personal growth as well as development.

Spur FCCLA chapter

The Spur FCCLA chapter is located in
Spur Texas.
Our town has 1,318 people
and the number is steadily growing.
While small, we love our town
and could not be happier to live here!

Our Chapter Throughout the Years

FCCLA 2015-2016
FCCLA 2016-2017
FCCLA 2017-2018

Together, we hope to reach the world and show everyone what FCCLA truly stands for!